The dopest duo from the east coast – Mark “PLAIN” Brandstetter & J. Strickland with Dan Connelly.

Mark PLAIN is THE OG filmer from Pittsburgh who now resides in Philly.  He films Kevin Taylor, Kerry Getz and alot of other dope Philly headz.

J Strickland shoots dope photos and is the dude who made BAKER what it is.  Some shady shit went down and dude doesn’t see no $ when he was promised 50% of the company.  It’s not always the suits that are shady, skaters can be snakes too.  keep that grass cut and look out for the snakes. they can come in any size shape or form.  Click here to read the full scoop on what really went down with BAKER. Everything ain’t what it seems.

Check out Strickland’s photos here:  SHOOT2KILL