Saturday Night Special – Eric Koston

Koston is the Jay-Z of this shit. Jay-Z got 11 #1 Albums. Eric Koston got 11 #1 video parts. He is the Blueprint to this shit. Watch his frist part in H Street from 1992 and then watch his 2008 fully flared part. Heads can’t even fuck with that H Street part today! And on top of all that he is the nicest dude you will ever meet.
He is the best that ever did it, Still doin it! Thanks for letting me work at your park Eric. Mad Respect. Keep killin em!

He was the best before half of you were even born!
First video part: H Street

101 “Falling Down”

Girl “Goldfish”

Transworld “UNO”

411 Profile

Girl “Mouse”

Chocolate “The Chocolate Tour”

“Chomp on This”

Es “Menikmati”

Girl “Yeah Right”

Lakai “Fully Flared”