The Bell Pepper Combo


Got the new colorways in the other day.  They should all be up on the Products page in the next few days.  There’s only a dozen Large and a dozen X-Large of each color.  Sorry to all you Mediums and Smalls!

Haven’t been able to update the Sauce for the past few days.  Been super busy trying to make all this shit happen.  Nolan Lee was in town for the past 2 weeks so we’ve been going out filming everyday.  Went down to the Crossroads Tradeshow at BlackBox Distribution.  It’s dope to see skateboarders taking the industry back.  From what I have heard the usual tradeshow every half year, ASR (action sports retail tradeshow), was charging ridiculous amounts of $$$ for companies to have a booth at their show.  Jamie Thomas, owner of BlackBox Distribution, started letting companies set up booths at BlackBox’s open house.  It’s like 2-4,000$ to have a booth at ASR.  500$ at BlackBox.  I heard ASR dropped their rate to 750$ since so many companies boycotted it this year.  Thats what’s fucking good right there!  Plus you didn’t need some stupid ASR Badge to get in, BlackBox opened it’s private skatepark doors up to anyone who wanted to skate, FREE Burgers, Free drinks, most booths had a Keg of some bomb ass beer, smokin doja anywhere, and Deathwish/Shake Junt killed it with the Stripper Booth.  Buck Buck!