Weak Sauce

This is from a 2007 NYC trip with Justin Guillen and Ryan Stangland.  The day before we were gonna leave Justin wanted to backside tailslide this crazy bump to flatbar in Brooklyn.  We decided to film a line to it.  I was tired and faded and didn’t even check the runway.  We were filming the line from around the corner.  So I hit the corner following Justin trying to keep up and next thing I know I see this gigantic pothole right in front of me.  Thats a WRAP.  Camera flies out of my hands a good 6-7 feet, smashes the ground and the fisheye lense breaks off going another 2 or 3 feet from the camera.  Somehow the fisheye had no scratches on it and the only damage was the front piece of the camera was ripped off. 300$ later back in action.







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  1. Gyuri wrote:

    That’s gnarly!