Jesse Silvey x Skate Sauce


Jesse Silvey!  Jesse came down to LA and stayed at my pad last night.  He’s doing really good; staying positive and busy.  We went out today and skated P-rod’s outdoor plaza and the Dydrek plaza downtown.  Really hyped to see Jesse out and about enjoying life.  Keep up the motivation and positive vibes man.

Jesse is def a part of the Skate Sauce family.  Once we get more skate photos and video clips going he will have a profile on the site.

Vincent is on the Beauty and the Beast 2 tour for 2 weeks, and then joining the rest of the Chocolate heads for 2 more weeks of filming for the new Chocolate video.  When he gets back I will try to get his profile up!  Kellen James is on tour as well with the ‘Es heads.  I think he just got to NYC so him and the homie Nolan Lee are probably gettn to know each other on that Skate Sauce family tip!  Kellen James profile coming soon as well!  Keep it Saucey homies!

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  1. Crossed upon your blog, interesting lecture my friend!