Justin Guillen “Hard Times but Good Times”

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I met Justin Guillen at the end of making my first video “Like Brothers”. My good friend Robert Santamaria kept telling me about him and showed me his footy tape. I couldn’t believe how good Justin was and I was really hyped on the way he skated – his style. A lot of kids are good, but not many have style! Style is what gives a trick some unique flavor. For instance, like quarter snacks recently posted, anyone can do a nose slide….but how many can do it like Gino Iannucci? Style is something that can’t be bought. It develops naturally. Justin’s style is dope. I gave him last part of the “Like Brothers” video as it was only right – his last trick was a switch crook fakie big flip out on a bank to bench. This was 2004/2005. No one was doing that trick at the time! I thought for sure after the video dropped Justin would pick up some legit sponsors that could help him out of the Hard Times he was going thru. It kinda happened, but nothing ever really came to be anything. I didn’t get it at first. Justin was really good, had style, what more did he need? Big stair counts? Hand Rails? He wasn’t that type of skater. He just wanted to have fun on a skateboard and skate what he liked to skate. But I came to realize that that’s just how it is. Times were changing. Companies were dying. They wanted kids that turned footage in every month. Kids that were young and didn’t know the industry. Kids that jumped down big shit. Kids that did rail tricks. Kids that were “marketable”. And then, once the kid wasn’t hot anymore and people weren’t talking about him, or he got hurt, or whatever the case may be, the companies would slowly hush them away and look for another. Kinda like a a factory. It’s sad when you see the big picture like that. But it was real. One of the reasons I started Skate Sauce was because of guys like Justin. I wanted them to have somewhere they could shine – our website, our videos. It felt like no one wanted to give us a chance, so we had to create our own. This part was filmed from 2007-2011. We made a couple trips to Barcelona which def helped out. All in all it was a good time and we made the best of the situations we were in. Hard Times but Good Times. Cheers to you Justin! Hope all is well brotha!

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