Sammy Baptista “Hard Times but Good Times”
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I remember Sammy Baptista from back when I got my first skateboard magazine subscription. It was a Transworld mag and on the cover was Chad Muska ollieing thru some trees. The main article was on the first ever TWS awards and Shorty’s skateboards had swept almost every category except best vert skater – Best Street: Chad Muska, Best Style: Peter Smolik, Best Video: Shortys “Fulfill The Dream”, Best Video part: Peter Smolik, & Best Team: Shorty’s. Sammy Baptista was part of the Shorty’s team and at the time was highly talked about since he was so young and could do crazy switch tricks which not many people were doing at the time. I moved out to Cali a couple years later and would see Sammy Baptista skating around local spots. We didn’t get to know each other until a couple years later when I started to film. We filmed some clips and started filming more and more. When I started Skate Sauce it was a no brainer that Sammy would be part of the crew. This part consists of my favorite clips we filmed over the years for the beginning of the part. Then the part transitions into the new footage we filmed for the video which we had about 2 months to do since Sam was busy filming for other company videos as well. One thing I’ve noticed over the years filming Sammy is that he is really dedicated to skateboarding and loves skating so much. Thanks for all the hard work and good times Sam! Cheers!

Song 1: Gap Mangione – “Diana in the Autumn Wind”
Song 2: Slum Village – “Fall N Love”