Nolan Lee “Hard Times but Good Times”
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I met Nolan Lee the first year I started Skate Sauce in Summer of 2009. Me and Sammy Baptista took a trip to NYC for a month and a half to film some street skating. Only problem was that we knew no one that could show us around! We met Nolan after one week through our mutual friend James McGuinness. From the get go Nolan was a stand up dude. We needed Treez? done deal. We needed skate spots? Nolan had lived in NYC for 10 years and knew the city like the back of his hand. We need to have fun at night and go out? Nolan had the connects to some of the biggest clubs in NYC. The look on peoples faces who had been standing in line for hours to get in these clubs was priceless when they saw us sweaty, dirty skateboarders skip the line and get let right in with skateboards in hand and no dress code! Then the people clubbing inside would trip out on us getting our private tables with free bottle service all night. Nolan Lee showed us how to do NYC the right way.
I came back to kick it inn NYC with Nolan and he would fly out to LA to skate. We became good friends and he put Skate sauce on his back and rode hard for us. Nolan is a great skater and has grown his own following. He is always good with the kids giving them free stickers, advice, and inspiration to keep pushing. It’s really dope to see him grow his own brand POW!! skateboards.
Sometimes the skateboard scene or whatever industries scene doesn’t always shine the light on everyone. I use to get bummed on it but as I grew up I realized its OK though. In those situations you either keep bumming yourself out or you create your own lane. Skate Sauce had to create its own lane. Nolan had to create his own lane with POW!!. Our goal is to only inspire the next kid that it is possible to do your own thing and have just as much fun! At the end of the day when you die and go to heaven or whatever, you can’t bring the cars, money, and fame with you. Those things won’t make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy.
Cheers to Nolan for surviving more than a decade in the NYC madness, creating POW!!, and keeping it real in the streets!


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