Jesse Silvey “Hard Times but Good Times”

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I met Jesse Silvey about 7 years ago. I grew up during the explosion of the Shorty’s skateboard team so I had known of Jesse’s epic parts in “Fulfill the Dream” & “Guilty”. Everyone wonders where he disappeared to after Shorty’s dropped him for not turning in enough photos/video although he did have some footy stacked (see Danny Minnick’s “The BLVD.”). We tend to think that once an amazing skater loses a big company sponsor he’s just suppose to come back like Superman or something. Reality is that he is a human being dealing with life. Sometimes life keeps you on your skateboard…sometimes life gives you Hard Times and you just don’t feel inspired to skate. Jesse ended up getting a job at the local airport and now enjoys pretty much free first class flights to anywhere in the world. 95% of this video part is filmed in Barcelona, Spain. He doesn’t worry about stressing to put out a ‘Bangin’ video part. He doesn’t have to. He just wants to skate. Mix that with some dope music and to me you got a dope ass video part. Hard Times but Good Times. Cheers Jesse!


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