Brett Sube x Skate Sauce

Brett Sube “Hard Times but Good Times” from Skate Sauce on Vimeo.

I met Brett Sube in the middle of filming “Hard Times but Good Times”. The first thing I noticed was his really relaxed style and amazing Sube Boost! He brought the fun back into our serious filming missions as well. I think when you grow up skateboarding you start to forget why you did it and get lost in trying to ‘make it’. Maybe not even for money or sponsors or anything like that, but just so you can live your life riding a skateboard and not some shitty 9-5. Sometimes you get so wrapped up into the hustle that you forget why you even started it. But chilling with Brett – skating, filming and Sunday Funday’s helped bring me back 360 and connect everything back to just having fun on a skateboard. Exploring the city and all the nooks and crannies it has to offer. Along with that Brett got that steelo! I think Christian Hosoi is his uncle or related to him so it makes sense. Style is everything. Thats what makes a trick look good. I rather watch Brett 5050 up some Hubba then some kid huck some sloppy trick down 20 stairs. Thats just me thou. Cheers to the Hard Times but Good Times, Brett.


Buena Vista Social Club – Candela