Vincent Alvarez x Skate Sauce part

Vincent Alvarez “Hard Times but Good Times” Full Part from Skate Sauce on Vimeo.

Vincent Alvarez “Hard Times but Good Times” full-length video part by Skate Sauce.

I met Vince thru my homie Justin Guillen in 2007. We would all go skate and at first I had no idea how I was gonna film Vince cuz he skated SO FAST. I kept thinking I wasn’t going to be able to keep up or I was gonna break my fisheye trying to film the Vincanity! Regardless we made it work. We filmed just to get footy since he was broke, sponsorless, working a 9-5, and ripping hard. Then he entered that DC King of LA contest and killed it! Everything changed for the better after that. We sent some footy to Chocolate and the rest is history! That footage is in this part along with whatever we could film over the years. Hard Times but Good Times. Cheers Vince!
Vincent Alvarez skates for Chocolate skateboards, Lakai shoes, Spitfire wheels, Diamond hardware, Skate Sauce wax, Dickies clothing & Footprint insoles.
Quincy Jones “Walking in Space”
Filmed and Edited by Amrit Jain
using Sony VX2000 cameras, MK1 fisheye and Final Cut Pro.
Bon Appetite!


  1. Jeremy wrote:

    finding the hardest ways to skate the hardest obstacles… no ones got shit on Alvarez

  2. joeymcsqueeb wrote:

    I really appreciate this skateboard riding