Kickn It Wit Manny Santiago !

In September 2010 I went on a Solo mission to NYC, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, back to NYC, Pittsburgh, then back to Cali.  About a month and a half long trip.  I wanted to film for the Skate Sauce video and had just bought a Canon 7D for our Website content.  Nolan Lee let me stay at his pad in NYC and I wanted to be productive and come up with some content for the site.  I liked the idea that 411 did of Day in the Life’s, but I wanted to add my own flavor to it.  That Sauce flavor!  Came up with ‘Kickn It’ which is a couple days in the life of a skater.  Almost like a short film of a time in that skaters life I guess.  Nolan Lee’s set it off in New York City.  Now we bring you our second one, Kickn It Wit Manny Santiago.  Bon Appetite!