Tom Penny x Skate Sauce

I remember the first time i saw Tom Penny footage.  It was about 98-99 when I first started to skate and my friend was showing me all the videos…Trilogy, Mouse, Chocolate, 411’s, etc.  Everyone was killing it and I didnt know who rode regular and who was goofy and what was switch.  But when I saw Tom skate I was like Wow, who is that!  Everything he did just looked dope.  He seemed to do tricks like they were nothing. Effortless.  So much style and it was like he was just skating, and he would just bust shit out in what seemed like a couple tries.  Later Transworld dropped that video Anthology and it had Rob Dyrdek talking about Tom at the over the chain to bank in San Diego.  He did like 15 tricks into that thing that day.  regular, switch, nollie, fakie.  now thanks to Youtube there is a bunch of footage of Tom Penny that use to be very hard to find.  For the past 13 years I have been skating I always wanted to at least see him skate in person.  I heard rumors of this and that but its hard to ever believe any of those.

In the last year I met Thomas Winkle in Barcelona, Spain.  He informed me that Tom was good and he films with him anytime he comes to Barcelona.  He said if I come out at the right time I might bump into him next time.  Well this time the timing was right.  I spoke to SK8MAFIA before I rolled out and they told me no worries, Tom would be in Barci for most of my trip.  The first day I arrived last week I saw Tom skating Macba.  He was filming a line with Nick Lamm, the SK8MAFIA filmer.  It was so inspiring to see.  Two days later I got to go out skating and filming with Tom and Winkle.  We filmed the clips that are in the video above.  He truly does tricks within a couple tries.  He was super hyped wanting to film all sorts of stuff.  You can even hear him shout at the end of the video, Hell Yeah!!!

Thank you Tom.  Thanks for your kindness and humbleness.  Mad Love and Respect.

– The Sauce

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