Flashbacks from NYC


Photo: Stangland

Summer of 2007. Me, Justin and Ryan Stangland went to NYC for 11 days to skate. First night out my homegirl Liza took us out and got us WASTED on some shots of all types of shit. We were trying to catch a cab back to Brooklyn from Manhattan around 4am. We couldn’t cuz of some stereotype shit plus it was “too far” for them. I caught this dude laughing at us. I tried to avoid the situation and attempted to catch another cab. Same shit happened. I turn around and this dude is still laughing! Dude was wearing a Pittsburgh hat and I’m from Pittsburgh so I was like “yo you from Pittsburgh? No? Why you got that hat on then?” Next thing I know we’re squaring up one-on-one. I went down for dudes legs and flipped him on his back and just started unleashing punches on his face. Dude must have not been in many fights cuz he was bigger than me and getting his ass whooped! Suddenly dudes like “Ight, Ight, I’m Done”. I was like what??! I thought the cops had come or something. This photo was taken seconds after when he put his hand out to dead the fight. I’m caught mid-talking shit. haha I remember trying to still take his Pittsburgh hat after but Ryan and Just were like nah just chill!! Good Times!