Larelle Gray – “Like Brothers” part

LoLo’s!!! When I first started going down to SD, DC was always talking about these four kids – Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Kellen James, & Larelle Gray. When he showed me their footy I was speechless. That footy is what made me realize how good kids in California were. At the time, 2004-5ish, none of them were very known at all. Wes and Tyler were like 14-16 years old and destroying 14 stair sets. Larelle and KJ were super steezy and getting mad tech! Larelle was nollie crookin 10 stair rails smoothly. I think Wes and Tyler were still going to school so I went out with KJ and Larelle alot. San Diego is tight! Spots for days, beautiful girls, and heads that know how to party!