Barcelona x SKATE SAUCE

After getting rained out in Paris,  we headed to Barcelona, Spain.  Skate Sauce fam Justin Guillen & Jesse Silvey came thru and we chilled out there for 2 weeks.  We met a super dope homie by the name of Thomas Winkle.  He runs that city.  We sauced up the local skate bar, Manolo’s, gave each bartender a Skate Sauce tee.  They had a projector in the back of the bar that played skate videos all day and night.  We met a dope skateboarder from Brazil by the name of Tiago Lemos.  Homie kills it.  Sk8mafia Fam was out there too so it was nothin but good times.  Anyone that loves street skateboarding should go out there.  Barcelona is street skateboard heaven.