Kelly Hart

Kelly got a good Hart man. His part in the new LRG vid is my favorite part of the whole video – good Skating, good Style, good Music.  The main ingredients of the Sauce right there.  That Flavor.  nahmean?

While we were chillin tonight drinkin some beers I realized Kelly was there when I filmed my first line back in 2003/4.  It was at a school called Walter Reid that had blue bleachers that Jeron Wilson switch 180ed in the DVS video “Skate More”.  I didn’t know Kelly back then but we had a mutual friend named Ryan Stangland who was the skater I was filming that day.  Over the past 6-7 years I’ve bumped into Kelly here and there and got to know him better.  I’d say he is one of the nicest skaters I’ve met.  Super humble person.  We are good homies now and I’m super hyped that he is down to be part of the Sauce!