North Hollywood Plaza x Skate Sauce

Rob Dyrdek has built another plaza in L.A., this time in North Hollywood.  We made this lil segment to show what the plaza has to offer.  Featuring Nolan Lee, Sammy Baptista, Chris Schiafone, Chad Fernandez, Paul Rodriguez, Justin Guillen, Yuto, Manny Santiago,  and a half Man half Donkey that can do Impossible’s up Euro Gaps!


  1. mike g wrote:

    fullcab was siick

  2. Skate spots are being built in places where there’s allready spots …we need smothing in brooklyn…around the bushwick area..june 5 Flushing meadow…skate contest..must wear a helmet -__-

  3. Jordan Best wrote:

    Dude This Shit Looks So Fun To Skate. Man I Just Wish I Could Get There. Well Tear It Up Rob. Have Fun.

  4. Sk8r BOI wrote:

    BEAST, that wuz amazing, im so going there

  5. Sk8r BOI wrote:

    Hey Rob, u go beast mode

  6. Richard 'Richie Ro' wrote:

    Sick bro! Ya’ll tor that $#!^ up! nice work P-Rod!